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Academics are under pressure to produce increasing amounts of ‘academic products’, the most prestigious of which are journal articles. There’s an overall busy-bee mentality in contemporary academia that, though playing out differently in different institutions, leads to overproduction on the one hand, and insecurity on the other. Rarely are departments, or grant committees, or any […]

Wild Immigrants

The other day I had the pleasure of attending a symposium on wildlife – humans interactions. It was organized by the Centre for Nature and Society of the Radboud University, and gathered academic and practitioner voices for a very interesting discussion of the ethical and social dimensions of interacting with wild animals. The symposium was called Invasion […]

Learning to Speak

Several months ago, my research funding body sent out an e-mail offering travel grants for the upcoming ESOF 2016 conference (EuroScience Open Forum), held this year in Manchester, UK. Being myself a product of the transformation of academic research into a market, I applied without really knowing what I applied for. The market scarcity imposed […]