Viral Political Ecology: fall edition

The anxiously awaited “second wave” of coronavirus infections has arrived. Just like in March and April, headlines are dominated by daily infection counts, and an increasingly cacophonous choir of restrictions have come into place. Unlike during the first wave, when arguably governments had the excuse of facing a genuinely novel situation, one would think that […]

The Ecology of Fear (and possibility)

Fear acts in an affective ecosystem, but by its very nature is a domineering feeling; it tends to drown everything else out. It can therefore easily outlive its usefulness (jolting us awake), an become a hindrance (blurring out the obvious). In this post, I want to think further about the role of fear in undermining the radical potential for political change that the pandemic has opened up.

The Difficulty of Slowing Down

The Great Acceleration has been proposed, with good reason, as the proper kicking into gear of the Anthropocene. Long story short, across virtually all indicators of production/consumption (energy, land use, commodities, and so on), the post-WWII world has hit the accelerator hard. Speaking about it in the past tense is misleading, as all indicators currently show […]


I have spent the last three months in New Zealand, immersed in a world very different from the one that defines my usual daily life. I have had the luxury of time-to-think, something that, even though I became an academic for it, is rarer by the day. I have also had the opportunity to start […]