Rights + Nature = ?

I have written before about the tendency, currently enjoying gusts in its sails, to grant rights to natural environments. In practical terms, it all started in a borough in Pennsylvania, but really came to international prominence with Ecuador’s 2008 constitution, the first one in the world to grant constitutional rights to nature. These are the right […]

The Ecology of Fear (and possibility)

Fear acts in an affective ecosystem, but by its very nature is a domineering feeling; it tends to drown everything else out. It can therefore easily outlive its usefulness (jolting us awake), an become a hindrance (blurring out the obvious). In this post, I want to think further about the role of fear in undermining the radical potential for political change that the pandemic has opened up.


Everything that lives must live somewhere. The idea of habitat, at its core, is nothing more than the designation of a home for a particular form of life. In theory, everything that finds appropriate conditions for its own life requirements has found its habitat. If we are thinking along Darwinian and ecological lines, then chance […]

Social and Ecological Justice: on a conflicted relationship

Current events keep confirming my conviction: the 21st century will be the ecological one, no matter what actually happens to the environment. Just like the 20th century was the century of wars even if you happened to live in a place that saw none, so will this century be defined by ecology, inasmuch as ecological matters will […]

The Difficulty of Slowing Down

The Great Acceleration has been proposed, with good reason, as the proper kicking into gear of the Anthropocene. Long story short, across virtually all indicators of production/consumption (energy, land use, commodities, and so on), the post-WWII world has hit the accelerator hard. Speaking about it in the past tense is misleading, as all indicators currently show […]